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We went up the CC television tower for a 360 degree view of Beijing. It was quite amazing and apparently we were lucky as it was clearer than normal.  Apartment and business buildings rose from the ground as far as the eye could see. Of course that can be expected from a city with a population of nearly 18 million.

The guy squatting was an image frequently witnessed throughout China. I tried to do the squat but had a hard time standing back up!

The guys in the red hats were a tour group. I found it funny that tour groups wore the same colored hats – again, we saw groups of tourists with bright colored hats throughout Beijing…

My flight was long but uneventful and I arrived in Beijing at 11pm. Kevin was there to pick me up and we ventured straight to his apartment. After shooting the breeze for a bit I crashed.

This morning we went to Longtanhu Park and people-watched. For lunch we ate noodles with brown stuff that Kevin never did tell me what it was. Went to the Pearl Market, Temple of Heaven, TianAnMen Square, HuTong (old system of Beijing alleys). The picture of the building is of Kevin’s apartment. The picture of the street is from the front of Kevin’s apartment building. The view of the dilapidated houses is from behind Kevin’s apartment.

Later in the afternoon we cruised around Beijing riding two vintage scooters.

Eventually I’ll post pictures with descriptions but for now I’ll simply provide a few pictures from today.