Today we hit one of the eight wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China. The weather was about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday so the heat was much more bearable.  After a quick breakfast, we took a cab to get to the subway, then rode it across town to get on a bus. The bus ride was about an hour as we headed up to the mountains surrounding Beijing.  The Great Wall was amazing. To imagine how hard the peasants must have had to work to build the structure. We hiked to the highest point (in the area) with plenty of rest breaks along the way.

For dinner we went into a section of Beijing called Hou Hai. It was a trendy restaurant/bar type area that attracts many tourists. A nice lake and channel ran through the district providing a nice scene. We ate pizza and drank some beers on top of one of the restaurants.

(The pic w/ the hole in the floor is the squatty potty version of a toilet that if found throughout China…even in the McDonalds)